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Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Originally intended as an educational warning to parents about the dangers of marijuana, Louis J. Gasnier's Tell Your Children was so outrageous it was never taken seriously and became a cult hit within the exploitation film circuit.
This church produced propaganda film, later re-titled Reefer Madness for mainstream distribution, warns that The Cannabis addiction causes your kids to go into fits of mad laughter, murder people, rape woman, commit suicide and have zany dance parties with jazz music.
It's easy to see why it's considered the "Granddaddy of Worst Movies of All Time" because within all the ludicrously humorous notions it throws upon the unsuspecting viewer, it's really quite boring.  There are a few moments of comic gold but it's mostly quite dry and poorly timed, with long moments of next to nothing happening.  However flawed it might be, it's well worth at least one viewing just to see how lethal the reefer can be.  Stick to heroin, kids.

2 unspeakable scourges out of 5

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