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Friday, 16 June 2017


aka Hansel and Gretel

Director Yim Pil-sung gives the old Hansel & Gretel fairytale a bit of a spin in the South Korean dark fantasy Henjel gwa Geuretel.
After narrowly escaping death in a bad car accident, a man gets lost in the forest where he stumbles upon a picturesque cottage occupied by the "perfect" family and soon discovers there's no escape.
It's set-up and atmosphere are fantastic as it's just creepy enough to send chills down the spine but not enough to truly call it a horror film.  Unfortunately the quality of storytelling starts to unravel a bit once things become clumsily clearer.  As a twisted little fairy tale it's a real joy but runs a bit too long, revealing far too many weaknesses before it comes to a close.

3 bunnies dismembering bears out of 5

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