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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Monster Man (2003)

Equal parts Joy Ride and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the b-movie Monster Man follows two friends on a road trip who piss off the wrong gnarled, backwoods, off-road, monster truck driving maniac. Some might categorize it as derivative, but there are plenty of refreshing twists on genre cliches. The story plods along at first as we are treated to the tumultuous yet hilarious banter between the two leads (Eric Jungmann and Justin Urich). It's their back-and-forth friendship which is the backbone of the film. While comedy plays a large part in MM, gore is the other half, but it's mostly used in a gross-out manner which enhances the humor. Fortunately the effects are 99% practical and done surprisingly well for such a film. The monster man (and his motivations) in question is such an original that it's a pity this gem never received sequel treatment. 

3 amputees out of 5

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