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Saturday, 31 August 2013

KILL LIST [2011]

Ben Wheatley makes interesting films that are unlike most movies we see these days.  They're unpredictably dark, weird and filled with a hauntingly thick air of mystery.
His crime-drama/horror film Kill List is the perfect example of that.
The average viewer will find its slow-burning twists & turns frustrating but with a bit of patience you'll be rewarded with a hypnotizing and incredibly disturbing thriller with some wonderful performances.  I winced in several of the more brutal scenes and found myself with my jaw on the floor exclaiming out loud "what the fuck?" during the final half hour.

4 bunny innard surprises out of 5

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Borderline said...

The basic plot didn't intrigue me until the "meeting" when it started to get weird. The music may have been my favorite thing about the film. It was suppressingly haunting and continued exponentially till the end.

The Wicker Man like ending was absolutely engrossing. Definitely worth another watch. 4 wank rooms out of 5.