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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Director Darren Lynn Bousman & writer Terrance Zdunich (Repo! The Genetic Opera) return to the dark  rock opera world in The Devil's Carnival.
The first in a proposed series of 3, the film clocks in at 56 minutes, leaving you wanting more as soon as the credits being rolling.  It's dark, twisted and morbidly entertaining with just enough colorful, zany flair to keep it from getting too morbid.  Like in Repo!, it's painfully obvious that Bousman & Zdunich have seen Forbidden Zone one too many times but it never takes away from the enjoyment of this experience.  

3½ Aesop Fables out of 5

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Dr Faustus said...

Didn't know bout this. Sounds right up my alley. :)